Flax Seeds (Avisa Gingalu) And Their Amazing Health Benefits

Flax seeds….  vetine avisa ginjalu ani telugu lo anntaru. one of the most cultivated superfoods. ivi one of the oldest crops in India…. civilization starting nundi vetini cultivate chestunaru. Tiny, brown or golden-color lo unde ee flax seeds yokka latin name vachi “Linum usitatissimum”. Flax ante very useful ani ardam. First veetini United States lo colonists cultivate chesaru. ala cultivate chesina ee seeds. veetilo chala benefits unnai ani gurthinchi veetini consume cheyyadam start chesaru. Veetine Linseed ani kuda antaru. mari vallu gurthinchina aa health benefits ento chuddam randi…
1. Loaded with Nutrients and Minerals
ee seeds lo high amount of vitamins and minerals untayi. veetitho paatu low calories, Proteins, carbs, fiber, useful fat inka large amount of fiber present ayyi untyi. one spoon of flax seeds lo 7% of Magnesium, 4% of Phosporous, 2% of pottasium 2% carbonate 1,597 mg of Omega-3 fatty acids untai. veetini teesukovadam dwara body ni healthy and fit ga unchukovachu.
2. Reduces cholesterol levels
Flax seeds
Flax seeds lo unna inko benefit entante body lo cholesterol level ni reduce chestundi. ee flax seeds powder ni daily oka spoon three months paatu teesukunte manchi result kanipistundani studies cheptunnai.
3. Skin care
Flax seeds
Ee flaxseed skin treatment ki chala useful avutai. Flaxseed oil skin diseases, acne, inflamed skin, eczema sun burns ni treat cheyadam lo chala effective ga pani chestundi.
4. Hair care 
Flax seeds
Flaxseed oil hair damage ni treat cheyadam lo baga work avutundi. Heat chesina flaxseed oil ni hair ki apply cheyadam dwara hair health baga improve avutundi. Brittle hair ni damage nundi kapadi and nails ni strong ga chesi dryness and flakiness ni remove chestundi.
5. Supports Digestive Health
Flax seeds
Flaxseed digestive health ni promote cheysey ability undi. Indulo unna ALA inflammation ni reduce cheysi GI tract ni protect chestundi. Crohn’s disease and other digestive ailments tho suffer ayye vallu dinni teesukovadam valla digestive problems nundi relief untundi.
6. High in Antioxidants
Flax seeds
Flaxseeds are fully packed with antioxidants specially lignans ane unique fiber-related polyphenols free radical damage ni reduce cheyadaniki help chestundi. Ee seeds anti-aging and hormonal-balancing treat cheyadam lo best food.
7. Treats Cold and Flu 
Flax seeds
Lignans ane antioxidant, antiviral and antibacterial properties cold and flu ni treat cheyadam lo chala effective ga work chestundi. Cold tho suffer ayyetappudu hot water lo ee seeds powder ni vesi warm chesukuni tagite ventane relief untundi.
So, friends entha beneficial ayina ee seeds ni me daily routine lo include chesukunte inka chala benefits add avutayi.

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