‘Food Bank Of Hyderabad’ – An NGO Serving Food To The Poor & Aiming For A Hunger Free Hyd

Hyderabad lo unna chala underprivileged and poor people tinadaniki daily three times proper food kuda leka akali tho suffer avtunnaru. Ee vishayam 27 years old Mohammed Aziz ni ekkado kadilinchindi, hunger tho suffer avthunna poor people kosam edo okati cheyali anukunnadu.

Hunger Free Hyd

From One to NGO:

Ee idea vachinappudu athanu okkadu matrame, okkade roju daily 2-3 people ki food serve cheyadam start chesadu. Ala okkaditho start aina ee hunger mida fight ipppduintha intha aiyyi ‘Food Bank Of Hyderabad’ ane NGO ga form aindi.

Hunger Free Hyd

Mohamed Aziz tho Dileep, Iqbal, Abdul Salam and Satya Pamidi add avadam tho ee four members kalisi daily minimum 30-35 food packets distribute cheyadam start chesaru. Aziz ki ide time ‘Food Bank of Hyderabad’ – FBH NG ni start chese idea vachindi. Villatho kalisi NGO start chesina Aziz and team started fighting for Hunger free Hyderabad.

Now they’re serving food for 1000+ people every week at different places in twin cities.

Hunger Free Hyd

Ila Aziz okkaditho start aina food for needy mission and NGO lo members volunteers ga join avtune unnaru. Ee NGo lu ippudu 150-200 volunteers varaku unnaru villantha kalisi city lo unna government hospitals, beggars, orphans, underprivileged people ki daily bulk food serve chestunaru. In the last two years, the NGO, which includes students, housewives, entrepreneurs and employees, distributed food and shared smiles with 1.5 lakh people.

Everyone is invited to join this NGO and support:

Hunger Free Hyd

City lo unna different hotels, restaurants, function halls, banquet halls and food joints nundi food collect chesi, aa food ni NGO lo unna volunteers ki icchi different regions lo distribute cheyedam villu roju chese pani. FBH never allows money or money transactions only food or food material tisukuni cook chesi food serve chestuntaru.

Hunger Free Hyd

If you’re interested to join this NGO, please go through below link.


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