Chicken 65 Sambar Rice To Muddapappu Aavakaya Annam, These Food Bowl Restaurants Are A Huge Hit!

Food Bowls are our favourite. They are inexpensive, filling and we are always confused as to which bowl to pick. Today, there are so many varieties of food bowls that it is actually crazy. From desi to continental, from spicy to sweet, from oily to healthy, food bowls are seriously the best thing that has happened to mankind.
On a lazy day or on days you cannot pick what to eat food bowls come to your rescue. So, here are 5 places you can order food bowls in and around Hyderabad.

1.The Bowl Company

1 Bowl PlacesThe Bowl Company, a gastronomic product of Swiggy is perhaps one of the best bowl companies in Hyderabad. It is noted for its quality, quantity and prices. Its menu is huge and you can find everything right from pasta, to dal makhani rice bowls. The Bowl Company is a must-try in our opinion.


2 Bowl PlacesOh, we love fruits, don’t we? And if you are craving for some fruit, what better than a fruit bowl to satiate those cravings? Be it their Nature’s Nectar Fruit Bowl with vibrant oranges, apples and watermelons or Super Nourish Fruit Salad loaded with the goodness of papaya, kiwi, and pomegranate seeds, they have a varied range of fruit bowls. A great option on days you are craving fruit.

3.Flaming Bowl

3 Bowl PlacesChinese food, cravings anyone? We all are obsessed with the bandi style of Indo-Chinese food. And what if we told you told that you can find healthy Indo-Chinese bowl at relatively cheaper prices? From Schezwan Fried Rice with Chilli Vegetables to Egg Chilli Garlic Fried Rice with Hong Kong Prawns, they have so many bowl options. We are already placing our orders.

4.Tasty Bowl

4 Bowl PlacesWe can love the world cuisine, but our hearts will always beat for authentic South Indian food. And if you are craving for wholesome South Indian food, then there is no place quite like the Tasty Bowl. Ghee Sambar Rice Bowl, Chicken 65 Sambar Rice Bowl, Aavakayi Ghee Pappu Annam with Kodi Vepudu are just a few food bowls to start with. We highly recommend you order from the Tasty Bowl.


5 Bowl PlacesBowlsome is another crazy option for all Indian food lovers. Be it the North’s famous Punjabi Tadka with Jeera Rice to South’s popular Iyengar Curd Rice, Bowlsome is iconic for its food and quality. The bowls here are inexpensive and often come in several combos and add-ons like Chaas, Jaljeera, Gulaab Jamun and Rabdi. Oh, we are already drooling!

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