Food quiz – Play this Quiz To Find Out Are You a Picky Eater?


Picky Eater – You Are A Picky Eater And It’s Tough For You To Decide What You Want To Eat

Not Picky At All – You Are Not A Picky Eater, You Eat Everything Which Is Offered To You.

#1. Do You Like Raw Tomatoes In Your Food?

#2. Do You Love Chocolates?

#3. Can You Eat Fries Without Sauce?

#4. Do You Like Desert After Your Meal?

#5. Do You Need Onions Along With Your Meal?

#6. Do You Love Vegetables?

#7. Do You Like Your Food Spicy?

#8. Do You Need Curd To Finish Your Meal?

#9. What Do You Like More?

#10. What Do You Prefer More?

#11. Do You Eat The Ends Of The Pizza?

#12. What Do You Like More?

#13. Do You Put The Vegetables Aside While Eating?

#14. Do You Like Sweet And Curd In Your Chaat?

#15. Do You Love Ice Cream?


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