Food That Helps With An Irritated Gut

Contributed By: Meher Manasa

We have all been through days where we do not understand why but there is knot in our stomach from the food we eat and not from the stress of an upcoming event. On most days we are aware of what causes these and others, we do not. Fret no more because here is a list of food items that you can stock up in your house and cure any uninvited stomach aches.

Before we get onto this list of magical foods. It is vital to remember that being aware of all the foods our gut is sensitive to and mindfully reducing the consumption of the same in our daily diet. But, we are only human and it is okay to indulge!

Here are our 5 picks :

1.Saunf :

SaunfMost of us end each of our meals with a spoonful of saunf or we have seen most of our parents and grandparents follow this. I think it is time to go back? Saunf is proven to have immense Ayurvedic properties that enhance the gastric function which aids in better digestions and lower the chances of irriatted gut. Better to consume ftawa fried saunf instead of sugar coated saunf.


ClovesThere is probably a very good reason that this particular masala is added into almost all of our delicious foods. The reason is that cloves provide and aid in secretion of digestive acids that aid in digestion including dispelling excessive gas out of the gut. Always a good idea to add them to our diet. Don’t you think?

3.Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider VinegarThe newest fad of the internet in aiding weight loss and solve problems off irritated skin is here to showcase another talent as well. The reason ACV is regarded as magic potion is due to it’s acidic properties that betters the digestion in our bodies.

4.Herbal Teas:

Herbal TeasIt is a no biggie for anyone to guess that Herbal Tea with Anise, Ginger, Peppermint, Lemon and Cloves can help one feel better in and out by clearing out the gut. Try including tea as part of your everyday diet which can better your overall blood circulation as well.


ProbioticsWe have all learnt in 5th standard that our digestive track has good bacteria that helps in digestion and maintaining the health of the system. Such bacteria available for us is termed as probiotics and this can found in few everyday foods as well. Sour curd has a lot of probiotics in them, Kombucha is fermented tea with immense amount of probiotics again, Yakut is a packaged probiotic available for us in India.

Stocking these up at home is important to avoid any unbearable incidents in the washroom or in the stomach. But remember to never overdose on any of them and stay hydrated with regularly exercising.

Happy eating!
Stay Safe!

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