Food That Helps You To Sleep Better


Overall good health undadaaniki 7-9 hours of sound sleep undadam chala important. In today’s world, manam ekuvuga phone inka electronic gadgets vaadthamu valla insomnia toh suffer ayithunaamu, which makes it chala difficult for us to get sleep. Memu mee kosamu techhamu a list of foods, which you must eat before bedtime, manchiga nidhrapovadaaniki.

1.WalnutssleepWalnut lo tryptophan untundhi (a sleep-enhancing amino acid) edhaithe serotonin and melatonin ni tayaaru chestundhi. Meltonin chala important to get proper sleep.
2.AlmondssleepAlmonds lo chala magnesium untundhi, a mineral needed for quality sleep (and for building bones). Body lo magnesium levels takuvuga unte, it makes it harder to stay asleep.
3.LettucesleepA salad with dinner could speed up your bedtime since lettuce contains lactucarium, which has sedative properties and affects the brain similarly to opium. You can also try this brew from the book Stealth Health: Simmer three to four large lettuce leaves in a cup of water for 15 minutes. Remove from heat, add two sprigs of mint, and sip just before you go to bed.
4.RicesleepRice lo high amount of glycemic index untundhi. So rice thinte you will fall asleep much quicker. Rice lo Jasmine rice is the best to fall asleep. Padukune 4 hrs mundhu rice thinte you’ll have a good nights sleep.
5.Fish sleepFish like; tuna, halibut inka salmon lo vitamin B6 untundhi, which your body needs to make melatonin and serotonin.
6.HoneysleepHoney lo unna natural sugar, insulin levels ni penchutundhi and allows tryptophan to enter the brain more easily. Padukune mundhu one spoon of honey tinthe you’ll fetch good sleep.
7.Kale7 FOODS THAT HELP YOU SLEEP BETTERKale laanti green leafy vegetables lo chala calcium untundhi, which helps the brain use tryptophan, melatonin manufacture cheyadaaniki. Spinach kuda oka manchi option.
8.Yogurt8 FOODS THAT HELP YOU SLEEP BETTERYogurt inka milk laanti dairy products lo calcium untundhi. Research cheptundhi, calcium deficiency unte it will be difficult to fall asleep.
9.Banana9 FOODS THAT HELP YOU SLEEP BETTERBananas lo natural muscle relaxants, magnesium and potassium untaayi, that help promote sleep. Banana lo vitamin B6 kuda untundhi, edhaithe body ki melatonin manufacture cheyadaaniki kaavali. Banana lo unna high carbohydrate content will help make you sleepy as well.