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Food That Is Truly Hyderabadi And Is A Must Try For All


One thing that does not have a full stop is food. You can discover, create, recreate and what not with food. Back then, food was a need and it is still one but it has also become a want, let me differentiate it for you. It’s 2 pm and as a part of your routine you feel hungry – this is a need but when you crave for a certain dish it becomes a want and in this article, we’ll be discussing these wants that could probably become your need and also a must try before you kick the bucket.

Just kidding! But really, you have to try out these food items from Hyderabad that will fill your stomach and still keep your craving for more of it.

1. Hyderabadi Biryani


Biryani and Hyderabad are never two different terms; they have always been together. The first thing you wish for as soon as you hear Hyderabad is its Biryani. Its either mutton or chicken Biryani, nothing else. The rich flavours, the aroma that you experience with each bite is just mouth watering. People have fallen in love with this dish that they don’t mind eating it for all their three meals.

Best to try: Café Bahar
3-5, 815/A, Old MLA Quarters Rd, Avanti Nagar, Himayatnagar

2. Paaya

Serve this dish sizzling hot with steamed rice and experience the flavour moving in your mouth. Paaya is usually set up with cooked flavours and goat trotters which imply bags and packs of rich bags, juicy, moist and tender flavours are pressed into this one delicious dish. In any case, if you haven’t tasted this, you are passing up a standout food item amongst other dishes.

Best to try: Paya Cafe Yusufia
13/1/754/1/A, Dhoolpet Road, Ghode Ki Khabar, Bangla Desi Colony, Dattatreya Nagar

3. Keema Samosa

This is something that will liven up your craving in a split second. You do not need any occasion to eat this variant of samosa, just nibble on this tasty combo anytime and anywhere as it is easily available anywhere. What’s more, to say, I wager you have never tasted something as enticing as these keema samosas anywhere.

Best to try: Anywhere in Golkonda fort stalls

4. Sheer Khurma

The best time to try Sheer Khurma is during Eid and it’s every child favourite in Hyderabad. This dessert is also called as Sevai and the best place to try this out is from Hotel Shadab. Arranged with dates and milk, it has a sweet-smooth taste. If you prefer crunchiness in this dish then include some dry organic products (dry fruits).

Best to try: Hotel Shadab
1-1-140-144, Near High Court Road, High Court, Ghansi Bazaar

5. Lukhmi

Lukhmi is best eaten with a minced lamb filling and alongside a side dish of seekh kebab and for vegetarians the veggie stuffing is fine also, as long as it’s feathery and delicate, to break with only two fingers and this lip-smacking dish is available in almost every Irani cafe in Hyderabad but the sad part is that this favoured mince-meat stuffed starter is gradually vanishing.

Best to try: Hotel Madina
Madina Building, Shop No 21-1-1040, Madina X Roads, Patherghatti, Charminar

6. Mirchi ka salan

In Urdu Salan refers to curry and Mirchi means Chillies and this curry is popularly served with Biryani in most of the proper Biryani places. This curry is also replaced with the Brinjal (Eggplant) curry but Mirchi ka salan is irreplaceable at least for me as it is the perfect accomplishment for the very only aromatic and flavorful Biryani. It has both tangy and spicy flavors that will make your Biryani extra delicious.

Best to try: Any authentic Biryani restaurant

7. Kheema Khichdi

Khichdi is usually known to be a sick person’s food that is bland but the Kheema Khichdi served is Hyderabad is plate licking (REALLY!). Its looks gooey and tastes the best when served hot, sizzling hot that can burn your tongue and of course how can we forget everybody’s favorite Ghee, it just adds up to the taste. Hence, Khichdi. No wait. Kheema Khichdi! Is not a sick person’s food.

Best to try: Shah Ghouse
1-1-140-144, Near High Court Road, High Court, Ghansi Bazaar

8. Hyderabadi Marag

During winters sipping on something hot is the best feeling ever and when it has meat that too in the most Hyderabadi way is a total add on. Hyderabadi Marag is one such soup that not only makes you feel good in winters but any time, season or climate. It has a very light texture with a mix of tender Mutton and its filling as well.

Best to try:Zaiqa-E-Hyderabad
8-2-337/A, Rd Number 3, SBI Executive Enclave, Venkateshwara Hills, Banjara Hills

9. Double ka meetha

After so much spice meetha tho banta hai yaar! All the sweet lovers who belong to Hyderabad of course love our very special Double ka meetha. This dish is a combo of Dry fruits, milk, saffron, a few spices and bread that can just satisfy your sweet cravings. The bread is first fried and then soaked in hot milk that gives a combined texture of crispiness and soft. A perfect Double ka meetha has a balancing flavor of the sweetness and all the spices.

Best to try:Paradise
SD Road, Paradise Circle, Secunderabad

10. Pathar-ka-Gosht

The name says it all, Gosht meaning mutton or lamb and Pathar meaning stone. The authentic way of preparing this dish is by cooking it on a wide stone. This dish can be consumed as a starter or just like a snack that you could nibble on. Old city is the best place to try this dish for all the first timers or those who love mutton.

Best to try: Anywhere in old city

Hence, Hyderabad is not the only city of pearls and Biryani; it also has a lot of dishes that are equally worth a shot if you haven’t tried. Also, few of the dishes above have an amazing history that could probably help you out with your history of Hyderabadi food.
Khuda Hafiz!

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