5 Foods A Mother Should Eat After Childbirth

Childbirth is one of the most important stages of life that a woman goes through, bringing in a new life to the world is beautiful, but the body goes through so many changes, it can be exhausting and it affects your life in so many ways, this time is very critical for the mother, Proper diet is crucial during the period of postpartum because during this time you are recovering from pregnancy, carrying a child for months and going through hours of labor. Eating certain foods during this time is extremely important, in this article, we will focus on the foods which should be eaten after childbirth.

Whole Grain Cereals

OatsWhole grain cereals like oats or muesli are a great option after childbirth as they are loaded with fiber that boosts bowel activity, thus resulting in reduction of problems like constipation or any other discomfort. Whole grain cereals also contain simple carbohydrates that are good for replenishing glycogen levels.


NutsNuts are extremely rich in nutrients, making them great if you are looking for some extra nutrition, They contain protein, iron, calcium, zinc, and vitamins which boost body functionality. Nuts like almonds, cashew and almonds provide you a good amount of energy too, on top of that nuts are lactogenic, thus helping the body in milk production.

Leafy greens

Curry LeaveaLeafy greens are great because they are light, but full of nutrients, so making them a great choice if you are looking to eat something light and healthy, they are also good sources of calcium and iron, which are not only good for you, but also for breastfeeding your child.


FruitsFruits are some of the healthiest things that you can eat, they contain natural sugars, which make them a healthy option for your sweet cravings. Different foods contain different nutrients, apples and bananas are packed with fiber which regulates bowel movement and aids digestion. Citrus fruits like orange and kiwi are rich in vitamin C, a vitamin that enhances the supply of breast milk and increases the antioxidants level in it.


EggsEggs are known as superfoods, and they totally live up to the name, eggs are some of the most nutritious foods that you have, they are loaded with protein, which can help you soothe the sore muscles after the taxing period of labor. Moreover, the high vitamin content provides antioxidants that help in rebuilding and strengthening cells.


DatesDates are quick and easy to eat, and have a number of health benefits; they help in reducing the amount of blood loss and hemorrhaging after giving birth. They are also packed with natural sugars that provide energy; dates also help in improving digestion and brain functions and provide protection against blood clots and inflammation.


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