6 Foods You May Not Know Are Better To Eat Raw!

Eating a bowl of fruits or drinking a glass of Green Tea early in the mornings is great for our bodies and so much better than eating a packet of chips. Everyone knows this. Often, we try to follow this and stick to healthy diets. We cook our vegetables in several ways to stick only to healthier options. But do you know that there are some foods which will lose all their vitamins and minerals when cooked? They are healthier when eaten raw?
If you don’t then continue reading to find out which foods are healthier when consumed raw.


1 6 Foods That Are Healthy When Eaten RawBroccoli, a man-made vegetable is one of the healthiest vegetables that offer endless vitamins and minerals. The high contents of vitamin C in it makes extremely good as an immunity booster. Broccoli also has a component called sulforaphane which is known to fight cancer cells. Studies prove that cooking Broccoli can reduce its contents.


2 6 Foods That Are Healthy When Eaten RawMost people avoid eating nuts as they are high in fats and calories. But its necessary to include nuts in our daily diets as they provide body with energy. They also lower blood cholesterol levels and prevent blood clots. You can eat almonds, hazelnuts or cashew nuts frequently. But they should be eaten raw and not in fried or cooked form.


3 6 Foods That Are Healthy When Eaten RawCoconuts are supremely healthy and provide body with all the nutrients it requires to function. Coconut and coconut water are loaded with several nutrients. They hydrate the body and help in the free flow of blood in the body. Skip eating coconut infused bars or foods in the name of health and stick to the raw coconuts.


4 6 Foods That Are Healthy When Eaten RawJuice is a healthy way of consuming vegetables or fruits. Making vegetable or fruit juices at home is the best way to consuming them. When made at home with fresh vegetables or fruits, you don’t strip them off their natural vitamins and minerals. On the other hand store bought juices are processed and no matter how many health benefits they promise they offer, they are still processed and unhealthy as they are loaded with preservatives, food colours, chemicals and artificial sweeteners.


5 6 Foods That Are Healthy When Eaten RawBeets or Beetroots are high in fiber, potassium, vitamin C, manganese and a several other vitamins and minerals. They also offer several health benefits, like boosting your immune system or increasing the hemoglobin levels. They are also known to lower blood pressure and the anti-inflammatory properties present in them, helps the body in fighting several diseases. Apart from these, beets are rich in folate, a compound that prevents risk of birth defects. And, when beets are cooked, it loses almost half of its folate content. Hence, it is better to eat beets raw.


6 6 Foods That Are Healthy When Eaten RawSprouts are great sources of vitamins and especially vitamin C. They are also loaded with minerals like copper, folate and manganese. But, sprouts are heat sensitive and when cooked, they lose their natural nutrition and benefits.

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