Foods That Do Justice To Your Hunger


Some foods can maintain the feeling of fullness for longer than others. These foods often have certain characteristics that offset hunger.  Eating foods that satisfy hunger can help control calorie consumption. For example, eating a meal that contains filling foods is likely to reduce portion size and snacking between meals. This can aid weight management by cutting the overall calories a person consumes in a day. On the occasion of International World Justice Day, let’s look at some of the foods which do justice to your hunger:-


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Though soups are considered as a light dish, they can actually be quite fulfilling. Some research suggests that soups may be more filling than solid foods even if they have the same ingredients. Ordering a soup at the start of the meal actually helps you in consuming less calories as you feel more full.


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Oats are a popular breakfast choice because they are fairly low in calories and a great source of fiber, According to a recent study people felt fuller and less hungry after eating oatmeal, compared to other breakfast dishes. They also consumed fewer calories during lunch.


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Eggs are filled with nutrients; most of the nutrients are present in the yolk. They are a great source of protein, as one egg contains 6 grams of protein, which makes them filling, according to studies, eating eggs for breakfast increased fullness and led to less calorie intake over the next 36 hours


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Due to its high fiber content, popcorn tops the charts as one of the most fulfilling snack. Another great thing about popcorn is that it is extremely low in calories, so you consume less calories and the fiber present in popcorn slows down digestive process to promote fullness.


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Fish is full of protein; it also contains fatty acids which are essential fats that we must get from food. Fatty acids increase the feeling of fullness in your stomach, fish has been voted as the food which satisfies the hunger most according to reports.

Boiled Potatoes

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Potatoes are healthy and nutritious, when they are boiled, they can be a great source for Vitamin C and Potassium, the great part about them is that they contain almost no fat, so you can eat chunks of them and still keep your calorie count low.


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Beans are rich in protein and fiber, they fill you up and are not that expensive. You can add them to salads, use them to displace some of the noodles in a pasta dish or just boil and eat them.

Chia seeds

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Chia seeds are rich in slowly digested protein and fiber, these nutrients work together to keep you full for hours, just by adding one tablespoon of the seeds into iced tea or juice can transform them into filling snacks.


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Lean proteins, like chicken, make you feel full by affecting the hormones that control hunger and how quickly food empties from our stomachs; Chicken also has the highest thermal effect of food, meaning it burns the most calories during digestion, versus carbs and fat.