12 Foods that help us take care of our skin


Taking care of our skin doesn’t just mean to fair and lovely. It means to be clean and healthy. Cosmetics do the job but from the outside. What we really need is something can cleanse our skin from deep inside.

Here are some foods that we must eat to help nourish our skin.

1. Beetroots1care-of-our-skin.They clean our blood system, liver and frees toxins from our bodies. They contain Vitamin A,C, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and fiber.

2. Pomegranate2care-of-our-skinThey purify your blood and improve blood circulation.

3. Tomatoes3care-of-our-skinThis veggie helps protect us from sunburns and keeps our skin safe from the inside. It also prevents pimples, tightens pores.

4. Amla4care-of-our-skinFull of vitamin A, amla helps in increasing the collagen production which is essential to keep your skin looking taut and glowing.

5. Dark chocolate5care-of-our-skinJust because this is mentioned, we need not hog on it. But yes, this one is extremely beneficial. The sweet treat is rich in cocoa flavanols, plant compounds with antioxidant properties, which help hydrate skin and improve circulation. It helps remove skin roughness and scales on the skin. but do not forget to keep calories in count.

6. Walnuts6care-of-our-skinIt has essential oils that contain a significant amount of omega-3 fatty acids whose deficiency can cause a lot of skin problems such as dryness and scaling.

7. Carrots7care-of-our-skinEating lots of carrots do not just improve your eye sight but also gives you a natural glow to flaunt off.

8. Chickpeas8care-of-our-skinChickpeas contain low glycemic levels and consumption of this prevents acne on skin.

9. Spinach9care-of-our-skinLoaded with antioxidants, spinach can help reduce the onset of wrinkles. It also helps strengthen skin tissue and possesses anti-inflammatory properties which flush out toxins, giving clear, glowing skin.

10. Lemons10care-of-our-skinThey are packed with vitamin C, vitamin B and phosphorous and hence an amazing food to make your skin glow. The natural acids of lemon gently remove dead skin cells and lighten age spots.

11. Bananas11care-of-our-skinBananas are rich in vitamin A, B and E and hence work as an anti-aging agent.

12. Papaya12care-of-our-skinPapaya is rich in antioxidants and contains a special enzyme called papain that can kill dead cells and cure skin impurities.