Foods That Will Help You Gain Weight Fast And Safe

While People often want to know how to lose weight, there are a number of people in the world who are underweight and are looking to gain weight. Being underweight can be dangerous for you, it is as dangerous as being obese or overweight, whether you are struggling to gain weight or you just want to add few extra muscles in your body, certain changes in your diet can help you accomplish that, let’s take a look at some foods which will help you gain weight safely and quickly:-

MilkUntitled design (45)

Drinking milk is a great way to gain weight, it has been used a weight gainer and a muscle builder for years now, the good thing about milk is that it is full of proteins, carbs, and fats which can help you in increasing weight, if you drink milk and work absent, then it can also help in building your muscles up.

RiceUntitled design (46)

Rice contains a good amount of calories and very little fat, this makes it ideal for weight gain, a single serving gives you more calories than other foods, so this lets you eat more and consume more calories throughout the day. Also, the good thing about rice is that you can mix with any curry or side dish and it’ll still taste good, Mix it up with healthy fats and you’ll see a change in your weight in no time.

NutsUntitled design (35)

Nuts are perfect for gaining weight as they contain high amounts of protein and healthy fats, also they are rich in calories, so a handful of them will quickly fill up your calorie count for the day. Also, you can add them to a number of dishes and eat them on the go.

Potato and StarchesUntitled design (47)

Starchy foods are a great way to consume extra calories, and potatoes are a good source of calories, they also increase the muscle glycogen stores in your body, so by eating these foods you can steadily increase your weight and build up muscles, plus they also contain many different nutrients and fiber essential for the body.

Whole Grain BreadUntitled design (48)

Whole grain bread is a healthy and a good source of carb and calories, this is a high calorie balanced meal when you combine it with other things like eggs, meat or cheese. Whole grains are good for your body and they provide you a high amount of protein, so they can be very effective if you are looking to gain weight.


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