10 Foods To Keep You Warm Through The Cold Nights Of Winter

Contributed By: Meher Manasa

Opening all the suitcases that had our winter sweaters and sleeping with socks in the night, it has become hard to get through the day without wearing sweaters and drinking hot beverages every now and then. As the temperature dropped so did the productivity. Do you feel the same? Let us know in the comments below!
Now, to the good stuff that will save you from this harsh cold. The 10 foods you can include in your diet that will keep you warm and cozy..

Root Vegetables:

Unnamed (15)Root vegetables are a significant part of the Indian diet/cuisine. The most common root vegetables used in the Indian diet are Onions, Ginger, Garlic, Carrot, Potatoes, Beetroots, Sweet Potatoes, Raddish, and a lot more. Including these roots in our Sambhar and curries will help with your regular fiber intake along with warming the body. And don’t we all love a good Aloo fry and boiled sweet potatoes?

Mustard and Sesame Seeds:

Unnamed (16)Unnamed (17)Both mustard and Sesame seeds help in regulating body temperature. Mustard is often grown during the winter season and mustard leaves are often consumed during their harvest. Mustard and Sesame Oil can be introduced into your kitchen during winters which will result in regular consumption of the same. Sesame seeds can be mixed with Jaggery and consumed regularly which will keep your body both, warm and energetic. The oil extracted from these seeds is used to massage the feet to keep the body warm.

Ginger Tea / Ginger Rasam:

Unnamed (14)A glass of hot ginger Rasam during the winters can feel like heaven for the body and the benefits of ginger are not just restricted to giving the minty feel on the throat. Ginger has multiple other benefits such as boosting your metabolism and aiding in warming up your body. The best way to consume ginger is through
brewing it with your Rasam or a hot cup of tea.


Unnamed (13)When do we know winter is coming? When the ghee at home starts to solidify in a jiffy and requires us to heat it every time we want to add it to steaming hot rice. Well, along with hinting at us that winter is approaching, ghee when included in our diet helps in regulating the body temperature, proven to be the remedy for balancing the pitta(heating element) of the body and aids in better digestion as well.

Caffeine infused food:

Unnamed (11)The most popular beverage to wake up half the world in the morning is a cup of coffee, and did you know that this caffeine-infused drink along with others is beneficial for the body as it increases the metabolism of the body which further increases the temperature of the body. Keeping the body warm while the hands are warm with the hot cup. Tea also has a certain amount of caffeine but would promise much lesser than a cup of coffee would.


Unnamed (12)Honey like other food mentioned in the list aids in higher metabolism which increases the body temperature thus keeping the body warm. Honey and Sugar syrup are not the same and ensure that you get your supply of honey from an authentic seller as the recent research on the honey available to us in the market has shown that it is just sugar syrup.

Dry Fruits:

Unnamed (8)Being a rich source of iron and amino acids, dry fruits provide a lot of nutrition value to your diet when included. It is an ongoing statement that eating too many dry fruits can cause pimples. According to Ayurveda, consumption of dry fruits aggravates the pitta in your body while science says that dry fruits increase the oil production within the body which aids in keeping the body warm. Hence, it is advised to soak the dry fruits and consume them during the summer.


Unnamed (9)Often referred to as “The Queen of Herbs” has multiple benefits such as antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antitussive (cough-relieving), and anti-allergic properties. Tulsi tea helps in reviling of stress as well. Tulsi is also antipyretic and diaphoretic which helps in regulating the body temperature to the surroundings. Thus, often recommended during winters and in general for immunity building.


Unnamed (10)Often, animal products such as eggs and meat tend to have more protein and calcium which are not very easily digestible for a healthy human, and a lot of body heat is being released in the process which results in keeping us warm. A simple analogy would be that of a computer put to extreme use, when used extensively the machine tends to heat up. So does our body!

Red Meat:

Unnamed (7)Meat, especially red meat which constitutes Mutton, Bacon, and Pork constitutes a lot more protein than carbohydrates. Since proteins require 20-30% extra energy to be broken down than carbohydrates as proteins have a rather complex structure in comparison to carbohydrates along with the thermic effect results in your body staying warm for a long. This is the reason for meat sweats as well.

A word of caution, all the food mentioned above have to be consumed in moderation and the quantity of the same should be mindful. Overconsumption of any one kind of food can result in dietary issues. Ensure that your diet has different components and nutrition values.
Happy Eating! Stay Safe!

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