5 Foods You Can Eat Without Thinking About Calories


Isn’t it our dream to eat without getting fat? Wouldn’t that be great to munch on continuously on our favorite foods, without worrying much about the calories? What if we told you that you could actually not put on weight after eating these foods?

Go on, read to find out!

1.Boiled Potatoes.

Foods You Can Eat Without Getting FatWe know Potatoes, you ask us? Most of us avoid them, because they have carbs and we believe that carbs makes us fat. But this is untrue. They contain several types of vitamins, fiber and other important nutrients required for the body. And, when you boil the potatoes and cool them off, a starch resistant, to satisfy hunger pangs, forms in your body. This makes it highly nutritious and makes you feel less hungry.


Foods You Can Eat Without Getting FatApples are an extremely important part in any diet. Research proves that they have low-calorie intake and are highly associated with weight loss. They contain over 80% water and provide several nutrients without adding on your weight. And, hence eating a whole apple will result in fewer calories and contributes a lot to weight loss.


FishFish are rich in omega fatty acids and they are also very filling. Filled with high proteins, they make great sources of energy and they help in weight loss. Studies also prove that people who consume fish take lesser food, for the next meal. It also has more protein sources than Chicken or Mutton.


Foods You Can Eat Without Getting FatThey are high in vitamins, iron, and calcium they are again great for weight loss. They have anti-oxidants and are also good for women with pregnancy. They have very low saturated fats making them super healthy for your body. Make yourself a bowl of legumes and you good to go. Also, is there anything tastier than our Pappu?

5.Citrus Fruits

Foods You Can Eat Without Getting FatSweet, brightly colored, we are obsessed with these fruits. And, they are just not great on the flavors but are also great for your health. They are extremely rich in vitamins and plant compounds. They have anti-inflammatory compounds, strengthening the immune system and providing your body with enough vitamins required for the day.