Foods You Must Eat Everyday For Good Health


Healthy ga undadaaniki, healthy ga thinadamu compulsory. Correct diet will give your body the necessary intake of daily nutrition. Here are 5 superfoods that you must eat everyday, healthy ga undadaniki.

Beetroot:foodStudies show that ekkuva beetroot thinadamu mee aerobic performance ni improve chesthundhi, brain functioning ni boost chesthundhi inka arteries ni damage avvakunda kaapadthundhi.

Egg:foodEggs mee muscles ki proteins andhisthundhi. Idhe kaakunda indhlo unna Vitamin B vision ni kaapadthundhi inka joints ki healthy fat supply chesthundhi.

Walnuts:foodWalnuts lo Omega 3 fatty acids untaayi, provide you with improved brain function inka reduces cardiovascular disease risk.

Leafy Vegetables:foodSpinach, Kale and Broccoli vanti leafy vegetables are nutrition power houses. Veetilo unna flavonoids inflammation, this means meeru heavy workout tharavaatha tvaraga recover ayithaaru. Entha tvaraga recover ayithe anthe weight loss ayithadhi.

Banana:5 Superfoods you must eat daily for good healthBanana mee body potassium levels ni restore chesthundhi inka mee body ni avasaram ayethantha fibre ni isthundhi, which helps lower LDL cholesterol levels.