Foods You Should Add To Your Diet, If You’re Looking For Protein

Protein is one of the most important nutrients it is one of the three macronutrients, which is required by the body, it is essential for building muscle mass, macronutrients provide calories or energy. Our body requires macronutrients to survive. A single gram of protein contains 4 calories, The Protein in the body makes up about 15 percent of a person’s body weight. So if you are looking for foods which are rich in protein, pay close attention to this list:-

Chicken Breast

ChickenChicken breast is the most popular and the most commonly used source of protein, and for good reason, because chicken breast provides you over 27 grams of protein, besides this, chicken breast is also a great source of phosphorus, selenium and vitamin B6, research has also shown that adding chicken breast to your diet can help you shed some weight. The antioxidants present in the chicken breast can help fight free radicals and protect you against several diseases.

Egg Whites

Egg WhitesSome of the richest sources of protein, it is no surprise that egg whites are in this list, eggs are known as super foods because they are highly nutritious and have several health benefits, and if you are looking to increase the protein levels in your body, then you should add egg whites to your diet, this is because egg whites contain 60% of the protein in an egg, they are also low in calories, making them perfect.

Dried Fish

Dried FishDried fish is a great way to increase the protein levels of your body, they make for a delicious snack, and are a great source of protein, a dried fish can provide you over 18 grams of protein, apart from this, dried fish are also loaded with potassium, magnesium, vitamin B12, and many other nutrients.


ShrimpShrimp is another great food which you can add to your diet, it is loaded with protein and very low in calories and fats, making it perfect for weight loss, a single shrimp contains 12 grams of protein and 60 calories, shrimp is also loaded with antioxidants which help in reducing inflammation and oxidative damage.


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