8 Things every student who went to foreign land for studies relate to


Undoubtedly, it is hard to adjust in the foreign land and start a new life. You miss your home, family, and friends. But you enjoy the new environment and you start leading your own life. So, these are few things, every student who went to foreign land for studies definitely do during their initial days.

1. A lot of selfies1Oversea-studentYes, you start clicking a lot of pictures about your new apartment to the roads and share them on social media.

2. You learn to break the ice and make friends2Oversea-studentAt your hometown, though you restrict yourself not to talk to any stranger, here you voluntarily break the ice and make new friends.

3. You fell in love with the place you live3Oversea-studentYes, you start loving your new house and feel it like heaven.

4. The fun festivals4Oversea-studentYou try to engage in each and every party and festival that is happening near to your place.

5. But at the same time, you miss your family a lot5Oversea-studentYou feel like you are all alone there and miss your family and friends a lot.

6. You learn how to be organized6Oversea-studentIn India, there is everyone to take care of you, but in abroad you are the only one to take of yourself. So, start being organized and well planned.

7. You call all your friends to share your daily routine7Oversea-studentFrom meeting new people to trying new food, you share them everything that happened in your day.