Foreign Tourists, Including A Spanish Woman Attacked And Molested In Ajmer…!

Just as Incredible India tourism campaign gears up for a plenty of advertisements, with an intent of cashing in on summer vacations, in what came out to be a saddening incident, A Spanish Couple were intercepted and molested by local goons, at a tourist spot in Ajmer.

The couple, who also have an American citizenship, arrived at Pushkar and rented a bike to drive on for Ajaypal, a tourist spot. A local rowdy outfit, stopped them somewhere near to their destination. And the woman was molested with her clothes torn off while the male tourist’s head was injured with a stone. The victims were so terrified that even after long counselling and assurance, they did not agree to file a complaint with the police. Accompanying the Spanish couple, were another American woman and a man of yet unidentified nationality.

445732-ajmer-touristsAccording to sources, two couples, aged between 35 to 40 years, came to Pushkar two days ago and checked in a hotel.

The youths ran away and she called her hotel owner Mukesh on her mobile phone. Mukesh came to the spot and took the couple to a private hospital at Pushkar road. A blanket was offered to the woman and local people came forward to help them.

Injured went under CT scan to know about the head injuries. “The woman was so terrified that she was shaking in presence of police officials. Superintendent of police Nitin Deep Bulgam said that they tried to assure the couple first to make them normal and counsel to register the report. “We are still trying to get the complaint,” said SP.

Meanwhile, attempts are also underway to get the FIR registered through a third party. According to police, it is necessary to have an FIR to frame charges which could even be attempt to rape against the accused.

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