Indian Driving License Unte Chalu: 9 Foriegn Countries Where You Don’t Need International Driving Licence

General ga manam foreign countries ki studies kosam velli akkade settle avuthu untamu. Studies kosam vellina, job kosam vellina or permanent ga settle avvadaniki vellina akkada local lo bikes, cars nadapali ante local or international licence compulsory kavali. Kani some foreign countries lo manam man Indian driving Licence thone vehicles drive cheyocchu ani chepthe meeru nammuthara?

Yes it’s true and some foreign countries allow us to drive vehicles in their country with our driving licence. Aa countries evo mana licence tho drive cheyadaniki akkada unna rules ento oo saru chuseddam.

1. Mauritius

Valid Indian Driving Licence adi kuda English lo unte meeru Mauritius ki vellinappudu akkada tourist spots anni tirageyocchu.

2. Norway

Mana TFI vallaki manchi shooting spot ee small country, ikkadiki meeru visiting purpose velthe mana Indian Driving Licence tho akkada cars rent tiskoni drive cheyochu.

3. Switzerland

Mana Indians ekkuva ga velkle tourist countries lo Switzerland okati. Swiss vellina Indians ki pure English lo unde Driving Licence and Passport carry chesthe local vehicles drive chesukovacha.

4. NewZealand

NZ allows Indian Driving Licence and one should definitely carry their Passport and other basic identity proofs.

5. South Africa

Ika South Africa lo English lo unna Indian Driving licence unte chalu ekkadiki aina car eskoni vellochhu.

6. France

France lo mana Driving Licence chupisthe vallu French lo unna driving licence okkati issue chestharu idi one year varaku validity untadi.

7. Australia

Australia lo New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, the Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory lanti places lo Indian Driving Licence and Passport chesi ekkadikina vellochu. Ee places kakunda vere daggara aithe International Driving Licence compulsory.

8. Germany

Ika Germany lo mana Valid Indian Driving Licence tho 6 months varaku tiragocchu and 6 month aipothe you have to apply for local licence or carry International Driving Licence.

9. United Kingdom

UK visiting purpose vellina vallu Indian Driving Licence tho cars rent or telisina valla cars drive cheyochu. If studies or akkada job cheyadaniki velthe matram International or Local Driving Licence tisukovalsindhe.


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