From Cheems Saab To Cheems Mukhi: Just A Tribute To Cheems AKA Chimtu For Making Us Happy

See ee madhya, there is only thing that is making me happy…. Adento telusa ‘Cheems Memes’… Yes FB lo kanipinche cheems memes valla I am feeling relaxed and calm. Aa yellow bujji cheems gadini chudagane manasulo edo happiness, not even meme just an image of Cheems is enough to make everyone happy. So this is my dedication to Cheems for making me put a smile on my face in this depressed world. Thank you raa cheems inthakanna em cheppagalam

1. Chandramukhi – Cheemsmukhi


2. Shankardada M.B.B.S – Cheems Dada M.B.B.S

Cheems Dada M.B.B.S

3. Vakeel Saab – Cheems Saab

Cheems Saab

4. Narappa – Cheems Appa

Cheems Appa

5. Gabbar Singh – Cheems Singh

Cheems Singh

6. Srimanthudu – Cheems Manthudu

Cheems Manthudu

7. Nannaku Prematho – Cheems Ku Prematho

Cheems Ku Prematho

9. Ala Vaikuthapuram lo – Ala Cheems Puram Lo

Ala Cheems Puram Lo

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