From KGF 2 To Vikram: Highest Grossing Dubbed Films Of All Time In Telugu States

Many south Indian films have crossed the language barrier in recent years, winning widespread praise around the globe. The large budgets of our films are also a major reason for the market’s expansion to other states and even the pan-India level.

When it comes to our Telugu people receiving a movie, it depends entirely on the film content & storytelling. Telugu audiences are always open to other industry heroes and films. So dubbing films are an integral part of our Tollywood. Today, we are going to look at some of the dubbed films that have created euphoria in Telugu states.

Here are dubbed south Indian movies that have broken many records in the Telugu dominant regions (AP/TG).

Rank 1:

KGF 2- Rs. 137 Cr

The highest-grossing Telugu dubbed movie.

Rank 2:

2.O- Rs. 90 Cr

Rank 3:

Robo- Rs. 61 Cr

Rank 4:

I – Rs. 51 Cr

Rank 5:

Kabali- Rs. 38.6 Cr

Rank 6:

Kanchana 3- Rs. 33.5 Cr

Rank 7:

Kanchana 2- Rs. 32.5 Cr

Rank 8:

Vikram- Rs. 31.45 Cr

Rank 9:

Sivaji- Rs. 28.25 Cr

Rank 10:

24- Rs. 26.5 Cr

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