From Rags to Glitters and Stars!


Ram Kumar Shinde is the man behind the famous, Ram ki bandi. This dosa house located at 2 places in the city is always flocked with heaps of people as they can have sumptuous and tasty food at a price of less than 100 bucks.1ram-ki-bandiSeven years ago, he was scrubbing dosa batter off a large tawa as he washed the dishes. Today, crossing all the hurdles he put up his own restaurant and no other dosa in the city can beat his.2ram-ki-bandiOf the many late night eateries in hyderabad, Ram ki Bandi is rated 4.2 out of five on Zomato. The juicy butter dosa with the trademark coconut chutney has caught people even with some very different timing as 3am to 8am. His story is of pure struggle and never-to-give-up attitude. Dosa bandi was first started by his father. Seven years ago, he set it up at Nampally which is a pop-up in Google maps today.3ram-ki-bandiDespite having MBA, he wanted to take up his father’s Dosa business and do great with it.For the first few years of business, he had not much customers and hence got him all the worry. The little money he had was all vanishing off and he had to put more money on the stall than what he made from it. Even after his family had helped him financially and emotionally, Ram could not make it better out of the Dosa bandi. He got disheartened and was afraid he had chosen the wrong path.4ram-ki-bandiAt this time, he started to question himself as to what made him special and why would anyone come to eat at his bandi when there are a lot of places in the city to eat dosas. That is when he started using cheese, paneer and butter.5ram-ki-bandiFrom then on, he never looked back and people loved his ideas of dosas. He was one of the first ones in city to give out the PIZZA dosa. Apart from the many varieties he serves us, Ram never went back on quality. His new branch in Jubiliee hills was something he had planned so soon but his want toserve food to people all over the city made him start his new branch. Ram has always shyed away from the spotlight as he does not advertise anywhere. “Young teenagers come and take selfies with me. That’s all the advertisement I get,” he quips. Ram still wakes up at 2am and pushes his stall to Nampally at 3am. He is also found at his restaurant from 8pm to 11pm.6ram-ki-bandi

“I hardly get any sleep but it doesn’t matter. I’m happy that people enjoy my food,” he says.
RE-THINK YOUR LIFE NOW! Kudos to you, Ram. You make an amazing inspiration for one and all.