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From Rayudu To Tripathi: List Of 10 Most Unlucky Indian Cricketers


Dinesh Karthik story should be a life lesson for everyone out there. Asalu career ki end card vese time lo adbhutamga perform chesi malla team lo ki vachadu. But whenever I see DK, i feel he is the most unlucky Cricketer. If DK is from some other timeline where MS Dhoni is not present, he could’ve been a permanent wicket-keeper for Team India. But avanni evari chetullo undavu kadha. It is what it is.

Ilane chala mandi ‘Unlucky Indian Cricketers’ unnaru, vaalla evaro chuddam randi

1. Suresh Raina

For the talent he possess, he could’ve easily become a legend in Indian cricket. Naku telsi Raina vishayam lo eppudu oka permanent position lo batting cheppinchaledu, always Raina batting position used to be shuffled. Team ki eppudu ey role play cheyyalo, aa role play chesevaadu. Anduke consistency lopinchindi, the only way you can be consistent when you know what you’re doing. Bad luck champ, you’re legend no matter what.

2. Ambati Rayudu

Inka Rayudu gurinchi em cheptam cheppandi, U19 team lo Rayudu style of play ni chusi andaru mesmerize aipoyaru, Indian team ki oka 10 years consistent ga aaduthadu ani fix aipoyaru. Kani Rayudu ni team lo select cheyyaledu, and then IPL lo Rayudu aata ni chusina Sachina aithe poorthiga impress aipoyadu, elano IPL punyama ani Indian team lo ki vachadu, perform chesadu, again dropped. Final ga World Cup ne manasulo pettukoni bagane perform chesadu, kaani World Cup team lo announce cheyyaledu. That’s the end for Rayudu. Inkem cheyyali oka player inthakanna, no matter what he did, he never got consistent oppurtunitites. Rayudu you’re a legend in your own way. Some stories are better this way.

3. Rahul Tripathi

Unko Rayudu, Raina laa aipothadu emo Tripathi, vaallu atleast Indian team ki aina aadaru konni matches but Rahul Tripathi ki inka aa chance chala dooram lo ne undi. Rahul Tripathi game play is just breathtaking anthe. I hope he makes it to the Indian team. Kani competition ala undi mari.

4. Vinod Kambli

Vinod Kambli, aa rojullo everyone who watched Kambli bat knows, he is more talented than Sachin Tendulkar. Ee maata Sachin ye oppukuntaru, but Talent is not enough to make you a legend, discipline is the one that makes you a legend. Poor form, discipline issues, spoiled Vinod Kambli’s great career.

5. Sreesanth

Another failure story in Indian Cricket. Still Sreesanth, South African pitches pai vesina swing and pace alane gurthi undi. But unfortunately his career ended in a bizarre way.

6. Amit Mishra

One of the greatest spinners in Indian Cricket. He performed really well, whenever he got the opportunity. But competition, competition.

7. Irfan Pathan

Kapil Dev ki replacement anukunnam, but that’s not how it ended. Irfan Pathan gave us hopes, but the pace and swing drifted away. And Pathan team lo ki return ichaka kuda decent performances ye ichadu.

8. Wasim Jaffer

The Legend of Domestic Cricket. He played 186 first-class matches for Mumbai and scored 14609 runs, the highest runs scored by a batsman in domestic cricket. He also scored 46 centuries in his first-class career with an average of 53.70.

Idi Jaffer record, mind-blowing kadha. Again, competition, competition.

9. S Badrinath

Solid middle-order batsman ayyiundevaadu Test team lo. Kastha team lo select chesi tours ki pampistu middle-order lo chance lu ichi unte Mike Hussey laa mana test team ki tayaru ayyi unde vaadu. But it didn’t happened.

10. Dinesh Karthik

Last but not the least, Yes DK made it back to the Indian team. I am so happy, kaani DK ki ippatike oka long career undali, same Raina laane DK ki kuda eppudu oka role antu Indian team lo fix cheyyaledu, always throwing him into different batting positions. Atleast ee saari aina finisher role lo matrame DK ni aadistaru ani aasisthu…

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