Fruits You Must Not Miss Eating During The Monsoon Season


The rains are here and so is the season of joy. For most of us when we think of rains, the lush green farms, soothing smell of the mud and crispy hot pakoras come to our mind. But monsoons are not just these. They bring in quite a few seasonal foods along with them. The best part about the rains is the seasonal fruits.
So, here are 5 seasonal fruits which everyone must try during the Monsoon season.


1 5 Fruits You Get Only In The Monsoon SeasonCherries often remind us of merry and celebration. They are that one food item which is present in almost every celebration. You might find them all year, but the real fruits are found only during the monsoons. Cherries are great as weight-loss foods. They also prevent cardiovascular diseases and anti-ageing properties. So not just for the taste, you must eat cherries for it is loaded with health-benefits.


2 5 Fruits You Get Only In The Monsoon SeasonPeaches are a perfect example to taste meets nutrition. They are packed with several minerals and vitamins. They improve digestion and heart health. Peaches are also known to help in the betterment of your skin and hair.


3 5 Fruits You Get Only In The Monsoon SeasonPlums belong to the Prunus genus of plants, making them a relative of Pears. Plums are juicy, delicious and we wait the whole year to eat relish on them. Plums are super rich in antioxidants and eating them regularly will do wonders to your body.


4 5 Fruits You Get Only In The Monsoon SeasonLychees are a powerhouse of vitamins. They are loaded with vitamin C, and vitamin B Complex. A good source of fiber, they also help in bowel movements in the body. The healthy carbs and fats in lychee makes it very good for your overall health. Also, how succulent and delicious is the fruit? We are craving for a juicy Lychee already.


5 5 Fruits You Get Only In The Monsoon SeasonHow can we talk of monsoon foods and not include Jamun in the list? With its sweet and sour flavours, Jamun has to be the number 1 fruit of Monsoons. They are also great for health as they known to prevent several diseases diarrhea, lung diseases, diabetes and arthritis. Honestly is there anything better than a Jamun?