Funny Doubts We Had As Kids While Watching Movies


Watching movies was a part and parcel of our social behaviour from the time we were kids. By the time we were 4 years old, most of us would have watched their first movie ‘consciously’ in a cinema hall. It was pure fantasy to watch this amazing way of story-telling on the silver screen. There was something mesmerizing about this format of entertainment. We might have watched many movies in our childhood, be it with parents or cousins, it was definitely great fun. But, whats more funny were those doubts that used to go on in our callow heads. There would have been many, here we just hand picked a few common ones:

“Nanna oke time lo hero dance chestu paata ela padtaadu?”


Watching a Hero dance was also inspiring for us, but what left us with a perplexed thought was how the hero was singing and dancing at a time.

“Dress lu antha twaraga ela marchestaru amma?”

This was an unanswerable question to many for years. You atleast need a minute to change clothes, right? However, I kept myself satisfied assuming that Heroes also knew magic to do such things. So dumb!! 😉

“Hero ki antha balam ekkada nundi vastundi nanna”


Definitely! Only Hero has that strength to beat the bad guys black and blue. He was unstoppable and in a way superhero to us.

“Hero, heroine vere ooru ela vellipoyaru nanna?”


Changing dress was atleast less complicated, but how could they change locations? Not knowing that a movie shooting takes place over few month threw me in this immature pool of assumptions so easily.

‘Fight appudu dishum dishum ani sound ela vastundi nanna?? 

“amma ninnu kottinappudu raadu kada”


If the assumption of beating bad guys was one end to the mystery of thoughts, the other extreme was the sound that used to come from the ‘bang’ that used to come off the punch. Yeah, now we know about BGM and stuff!! It was back then.

‘How much blood do they loose?’


‘Oh My God!!’ – This was the only one reaction upon seeing the blood being spilled. How could they loose so much blood?? How??

‘If they died in a movie, was it real? How did they come back in the next movie?’


A serious thought! When anyone dies in a movie, how could they come back in another movie? This did get stuck for quite sometime in our heads..

Gradually as we grew older, we got to know how movies work and the better of our thoughts came out. But, being in those amateur mindsets and knowing less about certain things is actually far better than being in the fuss that goes on around us.

We are sure there would be even more. Share it across and let everyone know what they were.