The Best Tweets Of Funny Man Pakalu Papito!!

If there was one guy who made it huge within the 140 charecters of Twitter and got immense popularity all over, It’s this guy. Pakalu Paito with 592 K followers on Twitter, and over 138 K fans on Facebook, is a super star by himself destroying the internet at will with his hilarious tweets. A camel-loving, self-loathing, lonely guy, Pakalu tweets about his life’s philosophies, and how lonely it can get for an ugly person on social media. Honesty is his best policy, and the comedy just happens. These tweets will tell you why world needs him more than anything else. On the eve of Twitter’s 10th anniversary, let’s have a look back at some of his most hilarious tweets

When You’ve Found The One

Do You Hear Me?

Story Of Every Life Ever..!!

Perspectives Are The Key..!!

When Everything Goes Down..!!

Spooks And A Little Bit Of Company

Tale Twists And Generosity

Looking Forward To The Mega Event

Really Bruh?? Where Exactly ??

Chicken Soup For Forever Alone..!!

Makes So Much Sense

Why Else Would I ?

Revenge Is Underway..!!

Do You Even Care??

Forceful Injuction?

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