This Futuristic Video Will Blow Your Mind In The Most Geekiest Of Ways..!!


“Augmented reality” is a phrase that you’ve probably come across if you read Popular Science. It’s kind of a loose, ill-fitting blanket term, but it basically refers to technologies that layer digital images and information over a person’s view of the real world (instead of virtual reality, which cuts you off from the real world and replaces it with an entirely virtual one). Companies like Microsoft and Google are putting millions of dollars into this tech, and Snapchat already kind of has it in the form of the “Lenses,” those weird filters that let users distort their faces with funny (sometimes racist) digital costuming.

Of course, the “future” in the title refers to a possible future; we don’t have a magical crystal ball yet. But even though we can’t know what the future holds, if the current trends are any indication, Keiichi Matsuda’s video might be a very good showcase of what lies ahead, and it’s not pleasant.

Unnerving from the get go, the video gets even scarier as the protagonist Juliana, whose life we get to experience in first person view, suffers some sort of hacking attack, threatening to steal her identity. The virtual world around her starts melting down, rendering her unable to perform basic tasks such as shopping in a (physical) supermarket.

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