3 New Clips For The Game Of Thrones Fanatic In You…Epicness..!!

Clearly GoT makers have their task cut out. That is to ensure that we talk about absolutely nothing else in the run up to the next Game of Thrones season, the network has followed the latest trailer with three new episode clips from Season 6. As a calculated ploy HBO has released 3 new footage clips hinting at fates of various characters. So without further adieu, lets delve deep into the season 6 atrocities :

A. Khaleesi’s Homecoming :

A lot of the recent clues we’ve had about Daenerys’ fate at the hands of the Dothraki gang she met at the end of S5, the leaked page of script on Instagram; the first official trailer point towards her being an endangered captive. But the interesting thing about this clip, which shows her being led into the Dothraki city Vaes Dothrak in the season’s third episode, is that it looks as though she may have some allies after all.

Not only is Vaes Dothrak a relatively peaceful trading city, but it’s also the residence of other former Khaleesis. Hence the Dothraki who says “Welcome home, Khaleesi” at the end.

B. Sansa And Reek Escape Fate :

Not much, except that Theon and Sansa obviously weren’t injured when they jumped from the walls of Winterfell to escape the Boltons at the end of Season 5. In this clip it sounds as though they’re being chased, but from the looks of it — despite the distant sound of dogs barking — the enemy isn’t too close behind. The river they encounter at the end of the clip could prove problematic, though.

C. Cersei And Jamie Lament Their Loss :

This one’s a bit more interesting, mainly because it gives insight into how Cersei and Jamie’s ever-turbulent relationship might look in the coming season. From the looks of it, Myrcella’s death may bring them closer together.

“I think about locking Myrcella in a crypt,” sobs Cersei. “I think about her beautiful little face starting to collapse—”

“Sh-sh-sh,” says Jaimie, kneeling in front of her. “Don’t think about it.”


Those were those folks…We’d love to hear what you had for them..!!




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