Game Of Thrones Lands Its First Trailer For 2016 (Hall Of Faces)

Game of Thrones is coming, and this is just the beginning. HBO entertainment, today put out the first trailer for the sixth season of the low-fantasy show, an 80-second clip set in the mystical Hall of Faces (of Arya’s fate). The camera ominously hovers around the quiet hall, focusing on the disembodied faces of characters lost in the series so far before doing something spectacular – It stops at Tyrion Lannister. What do we make of it? Still anybody’s guess I’d say. And then, a couple of more significant characters are shown, throwing probables for this season’s Big Death.

What about Jon Snow then? Watch the trailer, and let us know.

Season six marks the point at which the show will overtake the books, for the first time, thanks to George R.R. Martin’s glacial writing pace, and the inclination of  maintaining a successful TV series. If the previously released screenshots are anything to go by, we are in for a great season up ahead

From April 24th, when season six premiers, we shall be waiting.


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