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List Of Games We Can Play And Enjoy With Our Family During This Lockdown


Contributed By: Azeezunnisa Syed

“Say no to smartphone games”
“Say yes to our childhood games”
Movies,Web series,Pubg,Social Media,Tik-Tok deenitho matrame quarantine ni complete cheyakunda oka sari ee games try cheyandi with family coz its fun,entertainy and some time pass too in home.Now that you have this idea what to do in this quarantine,check out these following games and spent some golden time with our family.Stay home,Stay safe.

1.Snake and Ladders or Ludo:

Mobile lo undi kada andulo adudam ani dont think but go find these game boards and play.


Mana burra edaithe undo daniki konchem pani ivvandi ra ayya lekunte it will become matti burra.

3.Set or Raju,Rani,Mantri,Donga:

Cittillu rasi,points veskuni and points count chesi at the end of game to find out who won the game.

4.Jenga Game:

Like truth or dare this game will help to know about the opposite person,if you dont have this game you can also play Truth or Dare.

5.Tambola Housie Game:

My favourite game and full house vastey aa kickke verappa.Super time pass game.

6.Uno Cards:

A family favourite,Uno is fun and requires you to be alert coz your siblings may cheat you in this game.

7.Dumb Charades or Pictionary:

Meelo unna Acting skills ni bayata pette game,haha but its a good game with entertainment.


Carrom board unte intlo full time pass,TV lo movie and Carroms awesome game.


Antakshari aadukundaama paadukundaama.Evening snacks,Two teams and this game just try it.

10.Helping Mom:

Its not a game but a magnificent work.Normal days lo elago we dont have time but in quarantine help your mother in cooking,washing or cleaning because you have holidays but not her.

#Stay Home #Stay Safe

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