Ganesh Chaturthi jarupukotaniki Bal Gangadhar Tilak ki link emiti?


India lo celebrate chese very important festivals lo Ganesh Chaturthi stands out. From the day of the festival to the nimarjanam day, everyone in every house enjoy a lot. Colonies lo pette various Ganeshas ni chustharu, pujas chestharu and a lot lot more. Intha pedda hadavidi venaka oka person unnaru . He is our very own Indian Nationalist Bal Gangadhar Tilak.2 Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar TilakWe all know the importance of the year 1857 in Indian History. Aa year happened to be India’s First War of Independence or Revolt of 1857. Tilak gaaru was one of those important leaders of this battle. Ee war ayyetappudu, he felt that there is one thing that can defeat the British and get us the independence we want. Common people face chese struggles chusi he decided to do something to make the entire country stand in unity.3 Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar TilakHe, then, realized that nothing can bond the entire nation than having to celebrate a common Lord. After having read the nation and its people for some time, he found that Lord Ganesha was commonly celebrated by everyone in the nation. This festival also helps in bridging the untold gap between castes.4 Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak
1983 was the first year when Tilak Organised the Ganesh Festival across the country. This festival was celebrated as a social and a religious one. People became one and stood together at public events when they were stopped by the British.
Let us thank and forever remember this man for another story and another memory he gave us.