Ganesh puja lo garika endhuku vadatham?


Ganesh puja ki we makes sure to arrange a lot of flowers, fruits, dishes to offer and edi marichipoina kuda garika teskuravadam matram marchipomu. Deenini puja daggara kachitanga vaadthamu. Sometimes only festival time lo kakunda every other time we offer it to the Lord. The importance of this is really in a small and interesting story.01 Cover Page Importance of Garika Grass during Ganesh PujaOne day in the city of Yama, there was an event where there were a lot of fairies and dancers. Aa event lo Lord Yama fell in love with one of them and then Anal Asura was born. Anal Asura ane oka raakshasudu was very dangerous. His voice was very harsh and had an intense fiery look in his eyes. Wherever he went, he destroyed everything there. He also frightened the Gods too. hence, the Gods prayed a lot to Lord Ganesha to help them from the demon’s wrath. He took the form of a Bal Ganesha to help rescue everyone from the demon.02 Importance of Garika Grass during Ganesh PujaWhen the Lord went to the demon, the demon’s eyes shot out powerful fiery fireballs. Akkada unna andaru ran for their lives but Bal Ganesha stood still. Bal Ganesha ni chusi Asura laughed and tried to gulp him off. But, Ganesha showed his true avatar and gulped the asura instead. Thana body lo heat ekkuva ayyi, the Bal Ganesha fell down. All the Gods tried a lot of ways to help cure Lord Ganesha. Rain, sandal paste, water, lotus and anything too….they didn’t help him out. Then, thousands of sages came there with bunch of 21 garika leaves and put on Bal Ganesh’s head and his burning sensation reduced.03 Importance of Garika Grass during Ganesh Puja05 Importance of Garika Grass during Ganesh Puja
After this incident, Lord Ganesha said that those who offered him Garika would be happy, pious and prosperous.