Gangleader: The Movie That Made Chiranjeevi Larger Than Life

Konni cinemalu chuste abba ee cinema mana hero ki padi unte sarigga undedi anipistundi. Kani inkonni cinemalu chustunte ee cinemaki ee hero tappa inkevadu set kaadu anattu anipistundi just aa character aa hero kosame puttinattu anipistundi exactly Gang leader movie chuste Chiru ki tappa inkevariki aa character set kaadu anipistundi. Asalki Chiru ni tappa aa character lo inkevarni oohinchukolem kuda ala untundi aa movie lo Chiru character. So Gangleader movie gurinchi meeku teliyani konni interesting facts and records mee kosam…

1) This Film Story is first narrated to Naga babu under the title ‘Arey Oo Samba’ later due to budget constraints this film went to Chiranjeevi with massive changes in script

1 Gang Leader2) This film explores the concepts of exploitation of law enforcement by anti-social behaviour and the impact of mob psychology.

2 Gang Leader3) This film was screened at the International Film Festival of India.

3 Gang Leader4) This film was later remade in bollywood as Aaj Ka Goonda Raaj, which Chiranjeevi reprising his role.

4 Gang Leader5) This film was remade in Kannada as Kutumba, starring Upendra.

5 Gang Leader6) The classic car which was used in movie “Citroën CX pallas” was the only car in South India at that time.

6 Gang Leader7) Industry hit with grossing nearly 9 crores by the end of its run.

7 Gang Leader8) The movie had a 100 day run in 30 centers across Andhra Pradesh. It did a mind boggling 162-day run at Sudharshan in Hyderabad.

8 Gang Leader9) Gang Leader earned a distributor share of 4.50 crores in Andhra Pradesh with a gross of 8 crores. This made the film Chiranjeevi’s 2nd consecutive “Industry Hit”

9 Gang Leader

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