Saturday Throwback – 6 Funny Scenes From Gangs Of Wasseypur Which Establish It’s Cult Status..!!

GoW duology made by the maverick director Anurag Kashyap, has already established itself as the most prolific classic of our times. The duology maps the journey of clan clashes through a period of almost 40 years, in the region of Dhanbad and Wasseypur. With an ensemble cast of Manoj Bhajpai, Nawazuddin Siddique, Richa Chadda and Tigmanshu Dhulia, this series is laded with quirky, creative,weird and the dopest of scenes. The following is our attempt to see what exactly makes the film a wonderful experiment of movie making and deserves all the accolades stamped all over it…

Killing Of Sultan And Confusion Of Goons..

When ‘Definite’ and ‘Guddu’ decide to kill Sultan in the crowded market place of Dhanbad, they gather a gang of unassuming goons who have better things to talk about than their kill mission. The correspondence scene and the way the whole scene is structured makes it stand out in a plethora of other quirky ones..

When Mohsina Clarifies The Importance Of Permission :

The budding romance of Faizal Khan and Mohsina in GoW-1, is established by this brilliantly scripted and improvised scene. Faizal Khan in a moment of romance unassumingly touches Mohsina. What follows is a genius scene where Mohsina clarifies why it’s a good practise to ask permission to touch a lady. Respect.

Operation In The Times Of A Power Cut : 

When one of the prime characters ‘Danish’ gets shot in GoW-1, his batch of supporters rush him to a nearby hospital. He is made to lay down on the bed, and just as the doctor starts to prepare for an operation, there is a Power-Cut. What follows is utter confusion and theoretical electricity explanation.

The Pathos Of Having Your First Fridge :

As the film is set in the 80’s, it is imperative that not many knew much about having or using a refrigerator. Precisely that confusion is shown perfectly by Richa Chada’s Najma. She tries to close the door of fridge, which just won’t shut. Balancing it off becomes one of the most strenuous task. This will surely leave you in splits

Because Back In The Day ‘Pager’ Was The Swag Statement :

It’s a very decent scene ( decent because there’s no swear-rain like some above). Faizal Khan comes across a Pager, and tries to understand it’s working. Who sends a message? Where is it send? What’s the number? etc. Epic actually.

Oh You Knew This Was Coming- Epic Beta Shot :

When Ramadhir Singh gets pissed off at his son, he plainly explains him what the virtues of being a constituency leader are. The son retorts back by informing him that he went to “Cineemaa”( A certain DDLJ that is ). What follows is an epic counter attack by the Badass Dad of the series.


That was our best list. Give us yours in the comments below. Cheers mate..!!



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