Gauri Puja endhuku cheyamantaru


Goddess Gauri appears in many forms, such as Durga, Parvati, Kali and others. She is auspicious, brilliant and protects the good people while punishing those who perform evil deeds. Mother Gauri enlightens the spiritual seeker and removes the fear of rebirth by granting salvation.Gowri Pooja 1

We worship Gauri Devi during many festivals. Apart from just festival occasions, we also perform a special puja before a wedding. This ceremony happens only in the bride’s place. The bride-to-be (pelli kuturu) dresses up in traditional attire and sits in front of the idol/image of goddess Parvati in front of her. She performs that puja sprinkling ‘kumkum’, turmeric (pasupu) and unbroken rice grains. Rice-grains (dhānyam) are used as they are a symbol of a good harvest, and thus, prosperity. The Goddess Gauri is revered as a manifestation of Shakti (the most powerful mother of the universe) the power and energy by which the world is created, preserved and destroyed. She symbolizes motherhood, fertility and the victory of good over evil. By invoking the Goddess blessings, the bride seeks similar strength and divine love in her own life for a long and happy married life with her husband.Gowri Pooja 2

The bride chants 108 names of the goddess while sprinkling the holy entities on the goddess’ idol. She also devotionally decorates the idol with flowers while chatting holy mantras.Gowri Pooja 3