Gautam Menon And His Beautiful Leading Ladies

By Hairpriya Gurujala
Gautam Vasudev Menon, the person behind feel good movies, classic stories and unforgettable characters. Gautam Menon’s heroines have a special place in his stories. They are known for their strong characterizations. Many guys these days wish to have a girl like a Jessie or Meghana in their lives. His heroines are not the routine run of the mill material, but are a proper “women” material. They are realistic, natural, responsible, bold, smart and above all classy.
Here are a few leading characters of Gautam described in a single line.

Reena Joseph (Minnale/Cheli) – Simplicity filled with beauty

Reena Joseph - Minnale (Reema sen from Cheli)

A simple girl who wishes to marry a guy of her parents choice. But, unknowlingly destiny makes her fall for another guy. On realizing she was ditched by her love with a false name she loses hope on love.

Maya (Gharshana/ Khakha Khakha) – Responsible matured and bold

Maya - Gharshana

Maya, a women in responsible position of a teacher falls for a DCP. And she boldly proposes her love. The way Gautam weaved this matured love story is worth applauding.

Meghana (Suriya s/o Krishnan) –  Intelligent and practical

Meghana suriya so krishnan Sameera Reddy

When somebody on a train told her that she is good looking and he is madly in love with her, she politely refuses his proposal saying that she doesn’t believe in love at first site fantasy. When the same person comes to meet her abroad she wonderfully and practically works out that relationship.

Priya (Suriya s/o Krishnan) – Bold, matured and understanding


When she realizes that her childhood heartthrob has fallen for someone else, she simply moves on. When the same person loses his girl and is lost in his life, Priya encourages him to move on and confesses her love for him. To a person who feels that he has lost everything in his life, she stands as a ray of hope and a source of encouragement behind him.

Jessie (Yem Maya chesave) – An independent girl who struggles to take independent decisions

Jessie Yem Maya chesave

Vinnaithandi Varuvaya

Jessie vinnaithandi varuvaya

A girl who has immense respect towards parents and loads of love towards Karthik as well. Though she falls head over heels in love with Karthik, because her parents don’t accept him, she leaves him and is ready to move on with her life.

Nitthya  (Yeto velipoindi manasu/Nethane Yen Ponvasantham) – Innocent and sensitive

Nitthya - yeto velipoindi manasu

On realizing that her childhood love has got some other priorities other than her, the innocent girl in her loses her temper ,breaks the relation and moves on with her own priorities. But on realizing that her love is gonna leave her forever like a child she weeps but finally gets him back.

Thenmozhi (Yennai Arindhal/Yenta Vaadu Gaani) – Cute bubbly and broad minded

Thenmozhi -yentah vaadu gaaniFalls for a guy for his looks. Later, realises that he is a responsible police officer. Gets to know him better and helps him with his dealings.

Hemanika (Yennai arindhal/Yenta Vaadu Gaani) – Classic beautiful and strong minded

yentah vaadu gaani

A beautiful looking classical dancer is ditched by her husband when she gets pregnant. She looks after her baby as a single mother. Later she meets a police officer realizes his love and decides to marry him. But destiny moves them apart with her death.

Now let’s wait n see how the girl of Sahasam Swaaaga Sagipo is going to be

Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo