Get on board cafe – Hyderabad’s first board game cafe


board cafeWeek day’s antha kastapadi pani chesthuu week day last day aina Friday roju oka biggest, toughest question okati mana mind loki vastundi adi enti ante “Week end em cheddam?”
Manalo maximum chaala mandiki weekend em cheyalo clarity undadu… ala clarity leni vallaki maa daggara oka chinna suggestion undi adenti ante…
Oka vela meeku board games ante interest unte (Interest lekunna akkadiki velli okka game try cheyandi I bet you, you will love that place) and meeko oka chinna gang undi unte (lekunna ontari ga vellina you can make new friends over there a create a gang for yourself there) em cheyyalo tochakapothe mee kosam “Board game Cafe” Jubliee hills lo ready ga undi.board cafe

This is India’s largest and Hyderabad’s first Board room cafe and Ikkada you will find over 600+ board games. Board games ante Chess, Carroms maatrame kaadhu.. there are variety of board games over here.. aina nenu chepthe edo hype chestunnattu untadi kaani, ikkadiki vachi okka saari meeru experience cheste “ enti inni board games untaaya?… ilaanti games kuda untaaya?” ani mee time marchipoyi mee tensions anni marchipoyi mari aadathaaru.board cafe

Ee Board café run chesedi oka couple (Mr Rao and Mrs. Sireesha Behera) , they lived in US and Europe almost for 12 years and there they picked board gaming as hobby and this made Sireesha gaaru (who is Gold medalist in B.ED) to start café with over 600 international and premium board games and they have visited several board game cafes abroad and developed this concept.. Super kadhaa !!!!4 - Banner

They got all the games from abroad when they are returning and they update the list of board games on continuous basis based on experience.

And You know what Get on Board is an official board gaming partner and hosted Maruti Suzuki Hyderabad Comic Con 2017 and entertained visitors in playing board games and it was a huge hit…

Meeru ikkada unna kotha game nerchukuntunna prathi saari.. kotha vishyalaau ardham cheskune grasping power perguthundi.board cafe

Oka vela corporate companies’ ki aithe team building activities and time management, logical thinking abilities improve cheskovachu.board cafe

Ippudu vastunna next generation pillalu aa smart phones godava lo padi sight techkokunda.. ilaanti games aadi brain sharp cheskovachu.board cafe

Most importantly mee friends family Madhya bonding peruguthundi, manam chinnappudu aadukunna astha chamma, cheetila aata ni gurthu appudu manam chesina allari manaku chestaai ee games aaduthunte.

Rs.299 per day per person (11 AM to 9:30 PM)
Rs. 99 per hour per person
Facebook page :
Location: 3rd floor, Fortune Monarch Mall, Near Metro Pillar 31, Rd Number 36,, Aditya Enclave, Venkatagiri, Jubilee Hills, Aditya Enclave, Venkatagiri, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500033.,78.4000093,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x3bcb914610c25e35:0x47b54bd9ac45c6ae!8m2!3d17.435551!4d78.402198
8 - FrndsSoo inkenti weekends em cheyalo ardham kaaka sagam roju nidra lo, maro sagam em cheyalo aalochinchi time waste chese badhulu kaasepudu ee mechanical life ki comma petti step into this awesome place “Board game cafe” and give some fun and exercise to your brain.