GHMC Is Using Drones To Eradicate Mosquitoes & Malaria In Twin City Lakes


Technology ni correct ga use chesukunte mana chuttu unna enno problems ki check pettocchu. Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation kuda ippudu idhe trend ni follow avtundi.


Aa madhya drones tho urban areas lo Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping survey start chesina GHMC vallu ippudu idhe drones ni use chesthu twin cities lo Hi-Tec operation okati start chesaru.

Using drones to eradicate mosquitoes and to control malaria in twin cities:


Monsoon lo mosquitoes valla spread aiyye Malaria, Dengue lanti diseases ni control, cheyadaniki GHMC commissioner Dana Kishore orders pass chesaru. Aithe normal residential areas and streets lo mosquitoes ni control cheyadaniki smoke machine use chestaru.


Kani, Musi river, Miyapur lakes nundi vacche mosquitoes ni control cheyalante konchem problematic ga marindi. Anduke diniki check pettadaniki GHMC drones ni use chesthu city lo unna major lakes lo pesticides, mosquitoes repellent spray chestunaru.

Ninna West Zone lo implement chesina ee drone experiment just one day lone 112 litres of the biochemical spray ni successful ga lakes lo release chesaru. Idhe process ni twin cities lo unna migatha lakes lo kuda start chestham ani chepparu GHMC officials.