GHMC Comes Up With A Strategy To MowDown 3000 Trees For A Flyover..!!

What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.” 
― Chris Maser

And it sure doesn’t seem like Hyderabad is doing the right thing by deciding to chop down around 3,000 trees that have been standing tall in the Kasu Brahmananda Reddy Park(KBR) park.

In the scorching summer heat, everyone is in a rush to find some shade, but seems like a few years down the line we might have just buildings to provide us the shade and not trees. And this time, it’s thanks to the GHMC for initiating this act in Hyderabad.
Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), has decided to axe down the trees for it’s  pet proposal of constructing flyovers as part of the Strategic Road Development Plan (SRDP). The flyover which will be erected around the KBR in Jubilee Hills is going to come at the cost of the disturbing the ecological balance.

The national park located in the heart of the city is spread across a sprawling 390-acre land and is a popular destination in the city for joggers. Providing fresh air, the lush green trees have succeeded in keeping the pollution levels in the city under control, but well, seems like the GHMC has its priorities set, and health and well-being does not seem to be on the agenda.
Not to mention the loss of flora and fauna that will result from this ruthless axing. Protests have begun and requests for relocating the trees have started from the nature lovers, but relocating of over 3,100 trees is not going to be an easy task, and the issue might soon be lost from the mainstream media’s coverage as yet another interesting detail about the Hrithik Kangana affair leaks… Priorities you see!

But the respite for the nature lovers comes in the form of netizens who took to social media against the felling of the trees. So, join the movement sign the petition on to stop any action of the government to axe the trees.


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