8 GIFS That Sum Up Kastalu Of People Who Work On Saturdays & Sundays

Weekly 5 working days matrame und job unte aa kick eh verappa. Epudaina leave kavali ante Friday or monday leave plan chesthe set inka. Idi atha mana 5 days work chese janalaki bane untadi kani…weekends lo job chese only week lo eppudo rotational off tisukune candidates kastalu untayi….assala chala goram andi.

Meeru kuda i weekends lo kasta padevalla batch eh na? Aithe some GIFS tho mee kastalani releate chesukundam padandi…

1. Naa Friends Andaru Enjoy chestunaru…Nenu Matram Pani Chestunna…GOD Mowa Endi Mowa idi?

2. That Question From Amma – Nee Friends Andariki Holiday Nv pani chestunnav enduku ra?

3. Andariki weekend vibes, outings…naku matram manager icchina work, mails, tasks and targets

4. Naa friends andaru pubbu lo instagram stories lo…nenu matram system mundhu and my manager to me on zoom calls lo

5. Moment when your friend call you for party on saturday or Sunday

6. That situation When you’re married & your soulmate has a day off on saturday and don’t have….

7. After realising the importance if Saturday Off………….Thu Na Bathuku

8. Urgent ga week ki 5 days matrame unde job vethukoovali….!

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