8 Ideas For Girls To Do When They Are Bored At Home


Holidays vachayi antey manam either relatives intiko or vacations ko plan chestham kani konni sarlu chala bore feel avutam. Alanti time lo rather than watching movies or sleeping, you can do many creative things. If you find yourself a little bit bored while you’re home for the holidays, then you should definitely try these 8 quick projects that require minimal materials. Have a look:

1. Homemade Face Scrub1Bored At HomeSummer lo skin care chala mukyam. Manalo kontha mandiki artifician scrubs suit avavu. Try to prepare a homemade face scrub.

2. Repurposed Denim Bag2Bored At HomeMana old denim tho super ga oka tote bag ni tayaru cheseskovachu.

3. Beaded Hanging Planter3Bored At HomeDecorate your hanging plants with some beads.

4. Faux Leather Clutch4Bored At HomeSewing machine lekunda, you can create your own leather clutch.

5. Paint Chip Wall Art5Bored At HomePaint chips to ekuva srema lekunda, manchi wall art cheyochu. Best timepass I say!

6. Cell Phone Charging Station6Bored At HomeKeep electronics on your bedside table by carving out an old book into a discreet safe.

7. Lip Balm Locket7Bored At HomeLip balm ekkada padeskokunda this is the best solution.

8. iPhone Projector8Bored At HomeIf you want to showcase all your pictures on the wall, then you should definitely try this projector made from a shoe box