8 Things Boys Shouldn’t Say To Girls When They Are On Periods


Though we are in the 21st century, the term Period is still a taboo in this country. Boys still don’t have a proper idea what exactly it is and these days they have started making fun of this word. If a guy is irritated or angry over an issue, his friends would say something like- “Dude, are you on your period?” and it followed by a great laugh. Trust me, it is the most irritating thing that a girl ever hear. So, here we are presenting few things that you shouldn’t say to her when she is on her period.

#1. Does it seriously hurt while bleeding?
Well, you should definitely experience it to know how it feels.1-Genelia-angry

#2. Are you on that point of time in a month?
Why? How can you be so sure, I will get angry or irritation only during my period?2.-Are-you-on-that-poin

#3. Are you going to eat all of that?
Yes, do you have any problem?3-Size-Zero

#4. I have heard that exercising is good for those cramps
Never ever try to say this to any girl. You will definitely get beaten.4-Businessman

#5. Constantly asking, Are you alright?
No, what you are going to do?5-Samantha-angry-image-from-SVSC

#6. You look tired and mess?
A big no for it. Never try to say these words to any girl, when she is on her period.6-cameraman-gangatho-rambabu

#7. Never criticize her7 Rarandoi Veduka Chudam

#8. How does a girl bleed for five days and not die?8 -Adah-Sharma-angry

I want you to experience it.