Girls who hate shopping will whole-heartedly relate to these 9 things.


Girls ante chaalu… people have generalizwd many things. Vaallaki pink ishtam undali and shopping ante pichi untadi. Kani avi rules kavu. Ala ishtam leni girls kuda untaru. So slanti shopping ante ishtam leni girls will surely relate to this.

1. We do not have updates on latest offers on new brand or

2. You go shopping ki endukante neeku avasaram kabatti anthe. Only when you think you are not self-sufficient with your clothes, you need

3. Mana friends or siblings tho shopping velthe, we make sure our phone is fully charged and we have our earphones

4. Evaraina manalni shopping vellamani force chesthe, we hate it so much. They become our enemies for

5. And if someone shops for you, you sing the song, “Pandagala Digivachavu, pranalaki velugichavu, rakthanni erupekkinchavu…”.shopping

6. Intlo pelli unte and nuvvu shopping vellali aithe it is terrible. And apude manaki ekkada leni panulu gurthu osthay and we have all those business meetings too.6___raja_rani

7. You have that soul friend who you shares clothes with and you enjoy when she shops. Because you can steal them all.7___ileana

8. Online shopping has taken our shopping- laziness level to extremes.8___nithya_menon

9. Shopping incase vellina kuda trial cheyyadam is the most irritating thing in this life9___ilaeana