Gmail Without Google Account – Keep Those Yahoo IDs handy!

Google is now letting you use Gmail without — well, a Gmail account. If you’re really old school and are still hanging onto that Hotmail or Yahoo email address, Google is letting you use email client service.

The company specifically names Yahoo and Hotmail/Outlook, so your AOL email (who are you?) won’t work with Gmail. And before you fret over functionalities, you will also be able to get all the goodness that comes with an official @gmail email address, like inbox filtering, spam blocking and even Google Now cards (for Android users). Just when you thought Google is running out of dominance prowess, email portability holds the potential to revolutionise the way email clients operate. One email to rule them all…That’s the deal here.

Taking advantage of those features is called ‘Gmailify,’ and is an option in Gmail you’ll notice when you log in using an alternative email. If you just want to use Gmail as an email client for your Yahoo or Hotmail/Outlook emails, you can turn Gmailify off. Check Out The video below…



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