All You Need To Know About The Goodwill Store That Solely Dedicated For Needy Ones


Pakkavallaki sayam cheyalanukodam chala goppa pani. Mana desam lo dhanavantula kante pedavalle ekuva. Alanti avasaram lo unna vallakosam puttinde e Goodwill store. October 2, 2015 Mehdipatnam lo denni launch chesaru. Deni aim entante underpreviliaged ki basic needs antey clothes and other materials free ga ivvadam.

E store donations accept chesi a materials ani e store lo unchutaru. Every Thurday and Saturday, kavalsina vallu velli vatini free ga teskovachu. This store is a part of the LSN foundation. 38-year old Manjula Pallipoyena e foundation ni establish chesaru.

Chala mandi slum dwellers and poor people, malls ki velli shopping cheyaleru. So alanti valla kosam and vallu dignity valaki kavalsina shop cheskogalagalani for free of cost e project ni initiate chesaru.

First lo Manjula garu chala hurdles face chesaru volunteers leka and proper transport leka. Goodwill store is not just a distribution store but it’s a vehicle to bring issues that are sidelined.

To make any contributions, you can contact Goodwill Store Project on 040 23511488 or visit the official Facebook Page or write to