Google’s 360-Degree Monster Short Film Is The Future Of Movies….!!

Teased in trailers last month, Google has finally posted the full video of its epic 360-degree short monster movie Help on YouTube.

Directed by Justin Lin (Fast and Furious, Star Trek Beyond), the nearly five-minute immersive film puts viewers on the streets of Los Angeles just as an alien creature crash lands in the middle of the city.

The film is short, but doesn’t skimp on major movie style cinematic special effects and editing, delivering a peek at what big virtual reality movies may look like in the near future.

This is Google’s first live-action film in its Spotlight Stories series, which focuses on delivering immersive stories via mobile. To experience the 360 perspectives of the film, you can watch it on YouTube or use the Spotlight Stories app on Android or iOS.

Watch The Future Unfold Here  :

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