What? GoT And AIB Return On The Same Day……Freaking Awesome..!!


AIB became national sensation with the Ranveer-Arjun Roast that took the nation by storm. And then ventured mainstream with their show on TV and Hotstar but a lot of loyal fans (including us) felt that they’d lost the edge that made them one of the funniest comedy groups around.

After almost eight months the great people at All India Bakchod have put up something new on their YouTube channel. But because we were patient, they have rewarded us with not one, but three videos! This time they have added bars and restaurants in their extremely popular ‘honest‘ series and the results are hilarious.

The group mocks the entire restaurant experience from the nostalgic, cockroach-ridden college bars to the perils of ordering in a restaurant. There’s some time spent on the average drunk uncle who goes nuts after downing a couple of eggs. There’s a very nice K3G spoof (shutter ho gaya band, sasti whiskey gandi rum) and the common problem waiters have of not giving the bill to a woman in a restaurant.

Watch them all right away







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