Grab some Ragi Java or Ambali in Musheerabad


Summer or season aina kuda mana panulu aagavu. But mana health ni manam chuskovali. So summer heat nunchi tappinchukoniki we should have a lot and lot of water and also food that can relax our bodies and heads from the heat. Alanti oka drink is Raagi Java. It is also called Ambali. The high amount of iron, calcium and fibre makes this drink one of the most amazing summer coolants.

Ipudu oche icecreams, lassis, colas and sodas valla ee super healthy drink ni andaru marchipoyaru. There is one place in the city where you get ambali ready made. It is at musheerbad. Oka 5 rupees pedithe chalu…oka super cool and super healthy drink ni taagochu. Musheerabad lo this drink is very famous and the outlet has a regular set of clients coming for it. Since 1999, Venkateswara Home Foods near Musheerabad crossroads has been the destination for locals who swear by the health benefits of the drink.

When Rakesh Goud, proprietor of Venkateswara Home Foods spoke to a media person, he said that, they used to have this drink during summer at their grandmother’s place. His granny used to mix rice, butter milk, ganji, water and salt to make a heady concoction. The drink that they sell at his outlet is a little similar to his grandmother’s homemade drink but is a little modernized and he has got good response for it.

They have offered a day full of free drinks last summer. And have observed that they sold nearly 6000 glasses in one day.

He aims to educate people about the healthy benefits of this traditional drink and wants people to taste this delicacy since he believes that they will love it.