An OverSmart MBA Grad Threatens Pizza Hut…Ends Up Getting Arrested Instead..!!

Anil Ozha, 26, was arrested when he was taking Rs 25,000 from the pizza chain outlet’s manager. Anil Ozha an MBA graduate at that, sued in effect threatened to sue Pizza Hut for an amount of 1 crore.  It all started when Ozha, a resident of Kandivli, had placed an online order for two “vegetarian” and two “non-vegetarian” pizzas from Pizza Hut. Ozha claimed he unwittingly ate a “non-vegetarian” pizza as the delivery box was not labelled.

Thereby He filed an complaint on the online portal of the company. Pizza Hut officials got in touch with him and told him that the pizza boxes would have a label on it.

Police said Ozha kept calling the area manager of the Mahavir Nagar branch of the outlet and demanded Rs 1 crore. When he was told that his demands were unreasonable, Ozha threatened to complain on social media and go to the press.

“The manager Prashant Tambe met with Ozha after which he negotiated the amount to Rs 50 lakh and then to Rs 10 lakh. Tambe later agreed to pay Rs 25,000 of the first installment,” said Mukund Pawar, senior inspector at Kandivli police station.

Tambe meanwhile approached the Kandivli police and complained about the attempt to extortion. The police then laid a trap on Thursday and arrested Ozha while he was accepting the money from Tambe.

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