Gudivada lo oka Ammamma is one of the oldest youtuber | cooks in the world!


We all know mana ammammas and nanammas dishes are just so amazing. Vaallaki old and traditional methods of cooking baaga telusu hence their food is somehow filled with lots of love and tasty stuff. Just like that, Mastanamma from Gudivada is a 106 year granny who is one of the oldest youtubers in the world. Tanaki youtube lo 200,000 subscribers unnaru and all of them love her food varieties.

Her grandson Laxman has made her cooking skills reach all over the world. Asalu main thanks athaniki chepkovali for showing us this wonderful granny! She is famous for her egg dosa. If you haven’t checked, check it right now.

Watch this video about her story.

and the recipe here,